Flash Frozen Duck Breast Magret - Moulard - 1 piece, 14 oz avg single breast

Flash Frozen Duck Breast Magret is a single duck breast from the renowned Moulard duck breed, known for having superior flavor compared to other duck breeds. With dark, tender and juicy meat, it provides a different eating experience to typical poultry meats. The term "Magret" marks it as a breast obtained from a duck raised for foie gras, giving it richer layers of fat that enhance the exquisite flavor of the cut. Buy meat online from Gourmet Food Store, delivered in ice-chilled packaging to ensure the perfect freshness. This product is presented by Rougie, a Canadian manufacturer specializing in the gourmet preparation of duck and foie gras in the French manner. With high quality standards they raise their ducks humanely while maintaining the traditional, authentic methods of their French forefathers, offering a diverse range of impeccable, exquisite delicacies.
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