Duck Breast Magret - Moulard - Flash Frozen - 0.8 lb single breast

Duck Breast Magret - Moulard - Flash Frozen is a fanastic moulard duck breast sourced from La Belle farms. The Moulard breed is revered for its rich, beefy flavor dark, tender meat, providing an excellent substitute for other poultry meats or even tender beef steaks. The label "Magret" denotes its origins from a foie gras-raised duck, meaning it has richer layers of fat compared to regular duck breast, infusing the meat with juicy, succulent flavor. Buy this meat online from Gourmet Food Store, delivered to your door with ice or cooling packs to maintain its freshness. It is best enjoyed pan-sauteed or grilled for a nice browning on the outside, before being roasted in the oven. Its hearty, rustic quality pairs excellently with balsamic sauces, cherry reductions and citrusy glazes. This duck breast is prepared by La Belle Farms. For over ten years, this farm based in New York state has been producing high quality duck and foie gras products. By studying European techniques and rendering off less fat than others in the market, they produce USDA-inspected cuts that are always fresh, delicious and of the highest quality standards.
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